I Can Grow Personal And Professionally With The The Best Team In FFLGS

I have 25+ yrs of sales and business experience and this is the best thing that ever happen to me, I found FFLGS after losing my business, I have a bachelor degree on Electronics & Communications Engineer and MB in Finance, I can grow personal and professionally with the the best team in FFLGS, I am getting trained by the best producers following their suggestions and also building my own team!!

Alberto Corona

Family First Life Is A Company With Morals, Values And Ethics

I started with Family First Life 5 years ago with no sales experience. I had been a stay-at-home mom who had gone back into the workforce as an admin and project manager. My family needed additional income desperately and I saw this opportunity and took a leap of faith – and I’m so glad I did! Thanks to the amazing, free training provided by top producing agents and the never wavering support and assistance from Domonique Rodgers, my Issue Paid numbers have increased every year. To be able to provide such an incredible income for my family by going out and helping other families is rewarding on so many different levels! Family First Life is a company with morals, values and ethics that match my own and I’m thankful everyday to be a part of this. And to be able to share this opportunity with other agents and people who want to become agents is truly the icing on the cake!

Paige Lohmueller; Wilmington, NC

The Training, Leadership And Income Is Far Beyond What I Ever Imagined

I’ve been with Family First Life Golden State since 2015. I have a business degree and an IT degree and was part of corporate america. I stayed home to raise my girls for 11 years so going back to work I knew I wanted to be in charge of my own financial income. I’ve never been a part of such a positive environment that helps stretch you out of your comfort zone to accomplish greater things. The training, leadership and income is far beyond what I ever imagined.

Chantal Weaver; Raleigh, NC

The System Has Changed My Financial And Personal Life.

The New Wave

Family First Life offers a strategy for success. The system has changed my financial and personal life. I went from working a job to building a career. My income has increased each year. I will issue pay 500,000 this year. I will continue to grow for my family and myself.

Thanks TO FFL

Priscilla Carrasco; Bakersfield, CA

All You Have To Do Is Believe In Yourself And FFL WILL DO THE REST.

FFL has completely changed my life. It has given me an opportunity to not only take care of my family but to also spend time with them as well. The financial freedom that came with working with FFL was definitely worth It. All you have to do is believe in yourself and FFL WILL DO THE REST.

D. Higgins Jr.

I’m Growing Personally, As A Producer, And As A Leader.

My time here at FFL is the same as my time as an insurance agent, five years. Formerly an electrical engineer, I immediately recognized the strong leadership of Shawn Meaike, Domonique Rodgers, and too many others FFL leaders to mention. FFL leaders selflessly share their knowledge to help agents get better and in turn help more clients. It’s an incredible value to be mentored by these leaders every day. FFL’s training took me from no sales experience, to $85K/yr part-time in my first year, and to over $450K in my fifth year. FFL has a startup culture of high-performers, winning, and self-development. It’s a place where I’m supposed to be. I’m growing personally, as a producer, and as a leader.

Conrad Pawlowski; FFL Midwest Vice President, Hall of Fame Producer

Life Changing

I came to Family First Life after I was downsized from my information technology job and I was struggling to find another position, so I come to insurance from a completely different industry. At first, I almost quit, but I attended the Family First Life trainings and tried to follow their suggestions, worked closely with my upline and slowly but surely I started to make money. I found that I liked helping people and I really like my upline. Glad I switched careers!

Current Employee

Go Family First Life

Been working with Family First Life for 2.5 years. Great comp and I have made progressively more each year. Great people in the leadership roles within the company who genuinely care about the agents and the clients. Did I mention the generous comp, renewals from day one, and bonus? Family First Life walks the walk and talks the talk.

Current Employee

Best Job For A Mom Reentering The Workforce

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I found myself with my kids finally in high school, and after being a stay at home mom for fifteen years, I wanted to start working. A friend who works with Family First Life suggested I take my insurance licensing exam. I am so glad I did. I love working with people and helping them to protect their families. I am making more and more every month, but I can make a schedule for myself so that I don’t miss a school event or any of the kids sporting events. Lately, instead of watching TV in the evening I have been watching the Family First Life training videos. I love that this is a career I can grow into as I get more and more time and that I am in control of my hours and days. The agency I have joined is so positive and encouraging. No wonder they call the company Family First Life. I look forward to this career portion of my life, and I am proud to have joined Family First Life.

Current Employee

Best Job Ever

This is the best insurance job I have ever had, and I have had three! The comp is second to none. I did not have to sign a contract, and to Family First Life independent is independent! I make my own hours, I work hard, and I make a fantastic living. My upline is supportive, and all the regional offices have their own flavor but are all on the same team. President Shawn Meaike is quite a character, and I could listen to him talk all day. He is one of the most unique trainers I ever had the chance to experience. Did I mention all the trainers have had field experience? They are the real deal. Shout out to everyone at FFL.

Current Employee

Great Job!

I was contemplating a career in sales and decided to give insurance a try. My neighbor recommended Family First Life. Best advice I ever took. I passed my exam and got to work. Started making a very comfortable living within 6 months. I am all about working essentially for myself. I love getting up in the morning to help families protect their futures. Can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Current Employee

Living The Dream

I came to Family First Life after going to a sales conference and watching Shawn Meaike and some of the VP’s speak about the company. I was out of work and was struggling to find a new job. I did my research and decided to become an independent insurance agent. I studied and passed my test in about a month. The upline’s at my local office were incredibly supportive as I fumbled through my first few weeks but I started getting a few sales here and there. I attended all of the calls and trainings I could. Slowly but surely I started making a living! Within a year I was making more than I did in my last career! I had to work really hard, and I had to work seven days a week at first, but I did it. It was so empowering to have control over my career!

Current Employee

Great Part-Time Job

I love my job as a postal worker, but I needed some extra income for a down payment for a house. My mom sold insurance, so I was brought up around insurance agents. I did my research after getting my license and decided to try Family First Life. It was a GREAT choice for me. I take advantage of the trainings when I can. I see clients on my off days so I can’t follow the trainings exactly but I make it work for me. I grab some leads and this job brings in almost as much money as my day job, but that has a pension. This is a great job, and I see myself continuing on with Family First Life after I buy my house so I can save for my kids to go to college.

Current Employee

Brought Into The Family By Family

My brother in law started working for Family First Life about 3 years ago. At first, he struggled, but he started making money in the second year. The kind of money I never thought possible in my lifetime. When I was downsized from my job I decided to make the change and work with him. I was lucky enough to have my brother-in-law as my mentor. Family First Life got me through the licensing process and provided a ton of training. They have lead training, product training, and sales training. I especially am a fan of the Monday call which helped me to become motivated at the start of the week. By the end of the first year, I had my first $15,000 issue paid week! My brother in law and I want to start our own agency within the next year. Family First Life has changed my life and for the better!

Current Employee

What A Job

Family First Life is headstrong about disrupting insurance and let me give them a standing ovation! I have worked for carriers and other IMO’s, and I always felt as if I was lining someone elses pockets. Now I am lining MINE. I had to relearn how I worked, but I decided to give their way a try. It took some time, but I was soon earning more than double what I was making at my old job. The leads are quality, and I love the culture of the organization. I am independent and ultimately responsible for myself!

Current Employee

Best IMO Hands Down

I studied to be a social worker and I got a job in my field. I soon realized that I needed a second job to pay my student loans. I tried bartending and restaurant work as a side job but I hated staying up late. As I worked as a social worker I must have had seven different part-time jobs. My great uncle suggested insurance and I thought he is an old man what does he know. I decided to hit social media and see what opportunities were out there for me. I contacted Family First Life. Right from the moment I talked to them I knew this was the side job for me. They helped me through the licensing process and I could listen to the training on my trips to the gym. They have endless calls recorded and videos that are available 24/7. I originally started part-time and I just put my notice in at my job because I was making more with Family First Life part-time than my full-time job! Helping family stay protected in an emergency is still helping the world. Thanks, Family First Life for changing my life.

Current Employee

Best Opportunity In America

Best part time job, work at your pace extensive support and training. Top commission structure with renewals.

Current Employee

Share The Wealth

There are a million reasons why I love working with Family First Life but for most people working boils down to money! Family First Life boast they have the highest comp in the industry and you keep your renewals from day one and that is not a lie. I never feel like owners, and VP’s are getting rich off my hard work which is what I have felt at every job I ever had. I make a fantastic living, and sometimes I shock myself and how much I make some months.

Current Employee

Family First Life Makes Insurance Great

After meeting Shawn Meaike I decided to become a founding agent with Family First Life. It has been amazing to see the company grow and to be part of it. Family First Life has the highest comp in the industry. The training is done by people who have been agents and know the trials of working in the field.I love the idea of being indepenent but having a “Family” to support me and cheer me on as well as kick me in the butt when I need it! I am happy and I am making a living that I always dreamed of making.

Current Employee

Heck Yes, FFL

I came to Family First Life from another IMO. I love the culture! It is a young company that is taking a stagnant industry and breathing new life into it. I love their work ethic and the fresh approach to insurance sales. Many of their trainings are podcasts, on YouTube, and Facebook Live events which makes it easy to attend from anywhere. Not to mention I am making more than I ever have in my career. This is a company to grow with!

Current Employee

I Love Working With Family First Life

I am respected and treated well. I love the team I work with and we have a superb working relationship. I am paid well. The message of the company is based around helping people who want insurance. Really this is a great job and I love it!

Current Employee

Great Career

My husband retired and I was not quite ready to retire yet. I had worked in sales my whole career but I wanted to sell something that would help people plus I wanted to be my own boss so that my husband and I could travel together. I did my research and I decided to contact Family First Life. I am so glad I did. I was licensed quickly and I appreciated the support I received. The training was free and very helpful. I love working at this job. I can keep busy but I can make my own hours. I see myself doing this for more years to come!

Current Employee


The Highest Comps in Life Insurance and the Absolute Best Group of Men and Women! Amazing Training! Everyone here actually deeply care about the growth of one another and their actions back it up!

Current Employee

Great Part-Time Pre-Retirement Job

Nearing retirement, I lost my job. I worked in sales but not insurance. I decided to take a job that let me be my own boss. I saw an ad online for Family First Life, and I gave them a call. They walked me through the licensing and helped me get started. Shawn Meaike is a master of this industry and taught me a ton about sales even though I have worked in sales for over 30 years! My upline is a great guy, and although I am up in years, I feel valuable to myself and this company.

Current Employee

They Sincerely Want To Win

Working with FFLGS has been awesome since I started in 2016. Everyone here is always willing to assist you with any and every part of the business from the VP to administration. They sincerely want to WIN!!

Valentina Johnson

Training Alone Is Amazing

FFL Golden State gave me the opportunity to no longer live in poverty. I now can help my family & friends without thinking twice. The Mentorship & training alone is amazing. I wouldn’t want to be in business with anyone else. We actually get trained by people producing over 20k a month themselves.

Charles Hines