1. Great career

    My husband retired and I was not quite ready to retire yet. I had worked in sales my whole career but I wanted to sell something that would help people plus I wanted to be my own boss so that my husband and I could travel together. I did my research and I decided to contact Family First Life. I am so glad I did. I was licensed quickly and I appreciated the support I received. The training was free…Read More

    Current Employee
  2. I love working with Family First Life

    I am respected and treated well. I love the team I work with and we have a superb working relationship. I am paid well. The message of the company is based around helping people who want insurance. Really this is a great job and I love it!…Read More

    Current Employee
  3. Heck Yes, FFL

    I came to Family First Life from another IMO. I love the culture! It is a young company that is taking a stagnant industry and breathing new life into it. I love their work ethic and the fresh approach to insurance sales. Many of their trainings are podcasts, on YouTube, and Facebook Live events which makes it easy to attend from anywhere. Not to mention I am making more than I ever have in my car…Read More

    Current Employee
  4. Great part-time pre-retirement job

    Nearing retirement, I lost my job. I worked in sales but not insurance. I decided to take a job that let me be my own boss. I saw an ad online for Family First Life, and I gave them a call. They walked me through the licensing and helped me get started. Shawn Meaike is a master of this industry and taught me a ton about sales even though I have worked in sales for over 30 years! My upline is a gre…Read More

    Current Employee
  5. They Sincerely Want to Win

    Working with FFLGS has been awesome since I started in 2016. Everyone here is always willing to assist you with any and every part of the business from the VP to administration. They sincerely want to WIN!!…Read More

    Valentina Johnson
  6. Training Alone is Amazing

    FFL Golden State gave me the opportunity to no longer live in poverty. I now can help my family & friends without thinking twice. The Mentorship & training alone is amazing. I wouldn't want to be in business with anyone else. We actually get trained by people producing over 20k a month themselves.…Read More

    Charles Hines